We have a system established that will allow us to offer website development, hosting,

 at a very affordable rate.

We combine traditional  paper advertising and the power of the internet to give our clients the

complete package and a competitive edge. 

Our annual subscription and domain registration fee  = R 200.

You will also get Free professional E mail accounts with your  website.

Design cost will depend on the capacity and structure of the website and

can be as little as R 500-00 once off

Steps to follow to get your web site up and running


1: Get a domain name e.g.

2: Get professional e mail addresses like

3: Send a request for registration using website request option on the contact page.

    a: Your name

    b: Your domain name and e mail addresses

    c:  Your current e mail address

    d:  Your current address

    e:  Your contact numbers

4: You will receive an invoice from Edenworld.

5: After proof of payment Edenworld will receive access codes from the webmaster.

6: Edenworld will proceed to create your website.

7: You will receive an invoice after completion of the web site from Edenworld.

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